About the Cluster

The strategic goal in Cluster setting-up

Assistance to Cluster members in the formation of a high-tech complex of interrelated industries and regional infrastructure facilities in the Kaluga region to carry out joint R&D and innovative projects for making wide–spectrum civil products from composite materials with the use of unique aerospace technologies

Objectives Of The Cluster

  1. To provide cooperation between the enterprises of the region for establishing production of new types of products for civil sectors of economy

  2. To carry out R&D activities in the field of polymeric composite materials, structures and technologies considering the demand of the region in the civil sectors of economy
  3. To participate in the joint information events with regard to innovative activities for civil sectors of economy
  4. To implement programs for training of qualified composite material specialists for Cluster enterprises

  5. To realize of partnership relations with the aerospace clusters of the Russian Federation to expand markets for the manufactured products and to get competitive advantage

  6. To realize international cooperation with specialized innovation clusters and innovation support structures.

  7. To represent and protect interests of participants in state and private-state development institutions, as well as in regional, Federal and international industry communities.