On June 9, 2015, an expanded meeting of the AKOTECH Association was held at ONPE Technologiya
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The main topic of discussion was various aspects of the current work. In the framework of the agreement on trilateral cooperation signed by AKOTECH, the Agency for Innovative Development of the Kaluga Region and the Altai Composite Cluster, priority areas of cooperation have been identified. This is training for enterprises of the Kaluga Region cluster, exchange of information on suppliers of raw materials and finished products, as well as a number of other mutually beneficial areas of cooperation.

The cluster leadership made the first practical steps to establish partnerships with the French ceramic cluster of Limoges, whose representatives have repeatedly shown interest in establishing partnerships with ONPP Technologiya, which is an anchor company of AKOTECH.

“The work that is ongoing is aimed at expanding the competencies and capabilities of each member of our Association. As applied to our enterprise, this is a joint search for new markets, the development of international relations, as well as increasing the level of professional training of engineers and scientists in a number of areas, ”said Director General O. Komissar.

Following an extended meeting, AKOTECH Association included two new members: Porsche Modern Materials LLC - a representative office of Porcher Industries (France) and Russian Design Bureau OKB.