On October 26, 2015, the Cluster of aerospace technologies of polymer composite materials and structures of the Kaluga Region intends to develop relations with the Altai composite cluster.
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“The Cluster of Aerospace Technologies of Polymer Composite Materials and Structures of the Kaluga Region” (AKOTECH Association), whose anchor enterprise is the SSC RF “ONPP Technology” named after A. G. Romashina ”, intends to develop relations with the Altai composite cluster. This and a number of other fundamental decisions were made at the last meeting of AKOTECH members.

The meeting was held on the basis of ONPP "Technology" with the participation of representatives of the regional government and the administration of Obninsk. The main issue on the agenda was the discussion of the results of the visit to the Altai composite cluster. According to O. Komissar, who is the chairman of the board of AKOTECH, Altai colleagues with significant experience in commercializing developments and organizing a multi-level system of training specialists for high-tech industries can provide significant assistance in developing mechanisms for transferring aerospace technologies to small businesses.

“Successful experience in diversifying production and commercializing non-core developments is a hallmark of the Altai composite cluster. In the 1990s, more than fifty small enterprises, which have by now become successful suppliers of civilian products, "spun off" from Altai Federal Research and Production Center "Altai", which is currently an anchor enterprise of the structure. Consumers of PCM products manufactured on them are both power engineers, miners and housing and communal services specialists, ”O. Komissar noted.

The mechanisms developed by colleagues are of considerable interest in the field of coordination of activities in the high-tech products market, the creation of a scientific and educational environment and the transfer of experience in the transfer of defense technologies to the civilian sector of the economy. During the discussion, a number of topical issues of paramount importance for the successful development of the Association were raised. According to most participants, a fairly effective system is being formed that includes all the necessary components: from the training of specialized specialists and research work to the release of high technology products and their promotion on the market.

“Cluster development involves the consolidation of the best minds that have already proved themselves both in research and in promoting the results of scientific work. This is a special intellectual environment. The development of civil projects is one of the most important tasks for us at this stage, and it is the cluster that provides an effective set of tools for its successful implementation, ”said A. Silkin, head of ONPP Technologiya.

Another topic was a discussion of the concept of information support for the organization. Already at the moment there is experience in the joint presentation of high-tech products at domestic and foreign exhibition venues. The development of the brand and bringing it to a qualitatively new level can become a significant competitive advantage of both the cluster itself and the enterprises included in its composition. The meeting ended with the solemn presentation of the Certificates to the participants of the AKOTECH Association.