On April 27, 2018, the first meeting of the Cluster's Scientific and Technical Council was held at the IATE NRNU MEPhI
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Stepanov Vladimir Alexandrovich, acting Head of the Laser and Plasma Technologies Division of the IATE NRNU MEPhI, and Scientific Secretary Tatyana Osipova, Deputy Head of the Innovation and Technology Center of the IATE NRNU MEPhI.

At the meeting, the participants also outlined the work plan of the STC for the coming quarter.

The STC of the AKOTECH Association was created with the aim of effectively facilitating the implementation of research and development work by members of the Association, as well as the preparation, formation and coordination of innovative projects of members of the Association.

The activities of the STC of the AKOTECH Association are aimed at solving the following main tasks:

  •     increasing the efficiency of R&D performed by members of the Association;
  •     development of proposals for the coordination of innovative activities of AKOTECH members;
  •     search for new sources and forms of R&D financing for members of the Association, including through federal and departmental programs, contests and initiatives;
  •     coordination of innovative projects in the implementation of integrated research and development;
  •     analysis and assessment of scientific, scientific, technological and innovative activities of AKOTECH members and the Association as a whole;
  •     examination of projects proposed by members of the Association and the AKOTECH Association, including for inclusion in federal and departmental programs and competitions;
  •     development of recommendations for the promotion of scientific, technological, industrial, innovative and educational projects of the Association for competitions at various levels.